Introducing JSEcoin

I started Blokli with the hope of making cryptocurrency and blockchain technology easier to understand for regular people (like my mom and dad). This is partly why I’m so excited about the JSEcoin project. Simply put: it’s easy to understand and use. But before we get to the good stuff, I want to build my trust with you.

Full Transparency

I want Blokli to have a pristine reputation in the blockchain community, so one of my founding principles is transparency. I want you to know what I’m getting out of publishing this article. I also want to make it abundantly clear that I will not recommend something I don’t truly like just to make some money.

So here are my disclosures:

  • JSEcoin has a bounty program in which I get 100 JSEcoin’s for writing this article. They do not tell me how to write about them, so even critical articles should qualify under their bounty program.
  • I’m currently running JSEcoin code on this site which allows this website to mine JSEcoin using your spare browser resources. This is clearly disclosed by the giant bar floating at the bottom of any pages on this website.
  • I, like all people who are signed up for JSEcoin, am enrolled in the affiliate program. The first link on this page to JSEcoin is not an affiliate link. All others will be. If you sign up through my link, I will also receive JSEcoin.
  • Update: This article was featured as JSECoin’s article of the week, and they awarded me 10,000 JSEcoin! How cool is that! Thanks to my readers!

What is JSEcoin?

JSEcoin is an open-sourced cryptocurrency project which leverages browser based technologies to enable you to…

Hey! Stay with me! Am I losing you?

Fair enough.

JSEcoin allows you to earn cryptocurrency without a bunch of crazy hardware, questionable programs, or even having to look at a Linux commandline. It’s like technological magic.

How Does JSEcoin Work?

JSEcoin allows you to install a little snippet of code on your website (don’t have a website? Don’t worry, keep reading for how to get around this) and begin mining cryptocurrency with your visitor’s browsers. Does this sound seedy to you? It isn’t! JSEcoin, like Blokli, is trying to be completely transparent.

They do this by putting a floating banner at the bottom of your site to let your visitors know what’s going on, and it gives them the option to opt-out. Here’s what the banner looks like as of this writing:

Image of JSEcoin notification and disclosure bar with opt-out option.

Isn’t This Bad for My Visitors?

I don’t think so. The current model for free content online is advertising, which to me is somewhat of a euphemism. The ads are bad enough due to their file sizes not to mention those obtrusive auto-play video ads, but consider the fact that you’re basically tracking your readers for large companies!

The ads on most websites are tracking devices, and you’re unwittingly helping your visitors sell their information in exchange for your content. That sounds like a pretty bad deal. Instead, you can have code running in the background, using resources that your visitor isn’t actually even consuming and mine JSEcoins. In short:

Which looks “bad” for your reader?

matrix comparison of website advertising to jsecoin mining

JSEcoin Mining Without a Website

You like everything I’ve said so far, but you don’t have a website. That’s OK! The folks at JSEcoin were awesome enough to include the option of browser mining on their website. So, how hard is it to start browser mining? Ha!

First, sign-up for your account (that’s my affiliate link). Then, watch how simple this is:

How easy is that? Truly, anyone can mine cryptocurrency now.

Heard enough?

Sign Up for JSEcoin Now!

Learn More About JSEcoin

If you want to learn more here is an explainer video below. If you want to explore the JSEcoin block chain, then check out the JSEcoin block explorer.

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